Standard Features

  • Dual-sided platen toasts crowns and heels simultaneously for quicker throughput.
  • Combination of release sheets and belt wraps keep buns moving smoothly through the toasting chamber.
  • Adjustable compression and platen temperature settings for a perfect toast on all different types of breads.

Features developed for Specific Needs

  • Reduced footprint of 13" to easily integrate into kitchens with limited space for new equipment.
  • Variable speed motor provides operations with flexibility for future menu items and allows for quick light/dark adjustments.
  • Auxiliary heaters provide additional heat in the chamber to deliver a bun that stays hotter for longer.
  • Features such as butter wheel or wide mouth opening give operators flexibility for changing menus.


One of the world’s largest fast food restaurant chains wanted to expand its burger menu to include more premium items. This expanded menu meant a variety of different bread types, but limited space made it difficult to integrate new equipment.


The Mini Vertical Contact Toaster by Antunes


Antunes designed the brand new Mini Vertical Contact Toaster. With a footprint 30% smaller than the standard toaster, this model easily fit into the existing restaurant configuration. It also included a variable speed motor to allow easy adjustments to toast quality and provide flexibility for future menu items. With a longer toast time and auxiliary heater, the toaster delivered more heat to the buns to keep the sandwiches warmer for longer.