Toasting Radiant Toaster

Standard Features

  • Conveyor-style toaster with multiple lanes to handle high volume periods.
  • Digital controller allows users to easily adjust toast quality in order to achieve desired results.
  • Individual toast settings provide flexibility for bagels, muffins and all types of breads.
  • Automatically adjusts pass-through time to ensure a consistent, high-quality toast, even during barrel runs.

Features Developed for Specific Needs

  • Different delivery methods, including pass-through, front load/front return, and indexing, to fit within an operation's existing kitchen flow.
  • Different orientations to match the layout and volume of a given operation.
  • Integrated holding zone keeps product warm until ready to be served to customers.


A quick-service chicken sandwich restaurant chain wanted to expand their menu to include toasted breakfast items, but their existing bun toaster occupied a large footprint and was not equipped to handle the new menu items.


The Radiant Toaster by Antunes


The Radiant Toaster’s compact footprint – measuring just 13 inches wide –did not require a reconfiguration of prep lines to accommodate the new piece of equipment. The unit featured two toasting lanes for high volume hours and employed sensors to automatically adjust the toast time, which delivered a consistent toast quality on both bagels and muffins.