Toasting Gold Standard Toaster

Standard Features

  • Dual-belt drive eliminates defects such as slipping, sticking and marking.
  • Variable speed motor and adjustable compression settings deliver the perfect toast every time.
  • Energy-efficient design locks heat inside the toasting chamber, lowering energy costs and allowing for safe, cool-to-the-touch operation.
  • Innovative toasting system prevents excess buildup on belts and requires less preventative maintenance.

Features Developed for Specific Needs

  • Horizontal and vertical orientation to easily integrate into different kitchen layouts.
  • Up to five different toasting lanes to serve a variety of menu items without sacrificing ticket times.
  • Fully integrated lane for performing two-sided toasting in a single pass.
  • Optimized with features such as front and rear landing zone, butter wheel, or custom bun feeder design.


An American international fast food restaurant chain needed a reliable toasting solution that could provide consistent results with minimal maintenance and downtime.


The Gold Standard Toaster by Antunes


Understanding the chain’s requirements and desire to reduce operational expenses, Antunes began examining toaster options. After a thorough development, testing, and review process, Antunes created a horizontal variation of its Gold Standard Toaster. With its dual-belt technology, the Gold Standard Toaster delivered proven reliability that resulted in significantly less downtime for chain franchisees.