Steaming Rapid Steamer

Standard Features

  • Compartment steamer for preparing individual portions of made-to-order menu items.
  • Super-heated dry steam keeps foods moist, but doesn’t soak the product with water vapor.
  • Cooks foods quickly and evenly, maintaining food's original texture, color, flavor, and nutrition.
  • Consistent amount of steam eliminates guesswork and produces a uniform finish each time.

Features Developed for Specific Needs

  • Programmable touch screen controller for large and growing menus.
  • Touchscreen interface for quickly preparing a variety of menu items as well as programming new recipes.
  • USB connection to easily upload recipes for new menu items.


A casual dining chain with domestic and international locations wanted to improve service and the quality of its menu items. Consistency and flexibility were important factors, as the chain had hundreds of locations and a menu known for promotions and limited time offers.


The Rapid Steamer by Antunes


Antunes worked hand-in-hand with the chain to develop a custom Rapid Steamer. The new unit was a significant improvement over the previous cooking method, with the dry steam producing a better quality finish. The unit also featured an innovative interface that included a large number of pre-programmed steam times so operators could quickly prepare a variety of different menu items with just the push of a button. With the added feature of a USB port for uploading new recipes, the chain could easily implement new menu items to all of its restaurants.