Steaming Miracle Steamer

Standard Features

  • Intense, top-down heat for finishing, melting cheese, reheating, and steaming quick and easy.
  • Super-heated dry steam keeps foods moist, but doesn’t soak the product with water vapor.
  • Cooks foods quickly and evenly, maintaining food's original texture, color, flavor, and nutrition.
  • Push-button action provides instant results while a programmable timed cycle is available for longer steaming.

Features developed for Specific Needs

  • Spatula or drawer provides operators with flexibility for cooking or finishing menu items.
  • Direct water hookup or self-contained water tank for easy installation without reconfiguring the prep line.
  • Updated designs on steam vent and cycle switch for improved performance in high-volume operations.
  • Reduced cycle time with rapid recovery for quicker ticket times in rush periods.


An American chain of fast food restaurants wanted a new piece of equipment that could handle both menu expansion and limited time offers. With thousands of stores in domestic and international markets, the chain needed a solution that could deliver consistent results time after time.


The Miracle Steamer by Antunes


Antunes modified the Miracle Steamer, which delivered steam from the top-down for finishing and melting cheese, to meet the needs of the restaurant. This included a larger cavity to handle a wider variety of products and a faster cycle time with rapid recovery to handle rush periods. Because of the shorter ticket times and the better consistency and finish on its menu items, the chain started putting multiple units into its high-volume restaurants.