Steaming Deluxe Food Warmer

Standard Features

  • Open compartment steam application cooks foods quickly and evenly, maintaining food's original texture, color, flavor, and nutrition.
  • Super-heated dry steam keeps foods moist, but doesn’t soak the product with water vapor.
  • Push-button action provides instant results while a programmable timed cycle is available for longer steaming.

Features Developed for Specific Needs

  • Direct water hookup or self-contained water tank for easy installation without reconfiguring the prep line.
  • Customized programming to ensure proper results for specific menu items.
  • Double-paned cover for improved efficiency in high volume applications.


A fast casual restaurant chain specializing in hot sub sandwiches wanted to improve product consistency with steamed, signature menu items. However, their existing equipment required employees to manually pump water to generate steam, which lead to an inconsistent product and potentially dissatisfied customers.


The Deluxe Food Warmer by Antunes


The Deluxe Food Warmer gave the chain the consistency they wanted, which ultimately led to improved service. Rather than attending to the product while it was steamed, employees were able to perform other tasks to complete orders faster. With reduced ticket times and better service, customers had a more enjoyable experience at the restaurant. After the success of the initial rollout, the chain decided to switch all of its restaurants to the Deluxe Food Warmer.