Displaying Heated Display Cabinet

Standard Features

  • Glass front, side, and top panels provide customers with unobstructed view of product.
  • Rear control panel, with a digital display thermostat and electronic controls, allows for easy adjustment of temperature.
  • Integrated lighting ensures that product always looks appealing to customers.

Features Developed for Specific Needs

  • Available with open back or rear sliding glass doors.
  • Two-tiered glass shelving provides additional capacity without blocking view of other products.
  • A variety of different footprints to meet the needs of operations of all sizes.
  • Redesigned with squared front to match the modern, updated look of foodservice operations.


An American chain of pretzel shops wanted an updated look for its front counter display cases. With the majority of sales coming from products that customers can see, the chain needed a high-capacity unit that showcases product while keeping them fresh and ready to serve.


The Heated Display Cabinet by Antunes


Antunes created a new Heated Display Cabinet with a more modern look. The updated design featured a squared front edge and the glass front, top and side panels provide customers with a full view of the products inside. The glass shelf gives operators extra capacity, and the digital display thermostat with electronic controls ensured products stay hot and fresh for customers.