Displaying Display Case

Standard Features

  • Small footprint perfect for display next to registers.
  • Clear panels provide full visibility to product inside.
  • Easy access to insert and remove product.
  • Multiple levels of shelving for additional capacity.

Features Developed for Specific Needs

  • Hidden LED lighting attractively displays product to customers.
  • Space for custom signage to build awareness and generate interest.
  • Numerous configurations to easily integrate into any restaurant operation.
  • Additional storage to quickly access product packaging.


A global chain of fast food restaurants wanted to capitalize on a new partnership with a chain of baked goods by displaying product near the registers. However, varying store sizes and cramped front counters meant that space was limited.


The Display Case by Antunes


Antunes designed a brand new display case for the chain that included two levels of shelving and hidden LED lighting to keep the product well-lit for customers. The small footprint of the display case allowed it to easily integrate into stores of all sizes, with space for branded labels to generate interest in the new products.